Twas the Night Before Dollywood Twas the Night Before Dollywood

Twas the Night Before Dollywood


November 30, 2022

Twas the night before Dollywood when all through the house, everyone was excited, even my spouse! Their shoes were all lined up by the door with care, and all they could talk about is how they couldn't wait for tomorrow to be here. If you've been to Dollywood, you know that it's an incredible experience. As a mom, I like to start the magic before we even arrive at the park. This is such an easy thing to do (even last minute) so here are the things we do for our six kids the day before we leave for Dollywood.

Dolly Parton Movie Night

The night before we leave we always watch a Dolly Parton movie. Our favorites are "Coat of Many Colors" and "Christmas of Many Colors." If you haven't watched them yet, they will be a new family favorite. It tells the behind-the-scenes story of Dolly's childhood and allows your kids to see her humble upbringing. Seeing where she started makes your trip to her theme park even more special. My kids were blown away by her story and life. She even films the intro to both movies at Dollywood.


Make Your Rides List

Since we have six kids of all different ages, I like to mentally prepare them for what they can and cannot ride. This saves us from meltdowns. Here is a chart that breaks down all of the height requirements for each ride.

My children love also knowing as many facts as they can about each roller coaster. Here are a few articles they loved. You will be shocked how many facts your kids can learn about Dollywood's coasters.

Fastest Rollercoasters at Dollywood

Deep Dive into Dollywood's Mystery Mine

What Makes Dragonflier So Much Fun?

Insider Tip

At Dollywood, a handful of rides have a playground nearby so that little siblings can play while the bigger ones ride. This is one of the things that makes Dollywood my favorite family park.


Decide Your "Plan of Attack"

Since we have kids of different ages, we usually split up some of the day. You can pull up the park map easily on the Dollywood app, or you can use this one online. You can even print it out if your kids want to plan their path. This activity is easy and engages them in the excitement of going to Dollywood.


Plan Meals and Pack Your Bag

Whether you are staying the night or not, having a bag on you is a must. I always make sure we have our refillable Dollywood mugs and popcorn bucket. I choose to keep these items in a special park bag at all times in our pantry. We line up our shoes and bag before bed.

Get the kiddos excited by planning what meals you will have at the park. You can even add those to your "plan of attack" map above. This allows you to pre-plan where you will meet up to eat if your family takes different paths.

Insider Tip

Utilize the Tasting Passes. Each festival has a Tasting Pass with new food and drinks. This Christmas season, you can get five festival foods/drinks for $34.99. We love doing this so we all get to try something new!

Psst! Gold and Diamond Season Passholders save $3 on Tasting Passe

I hope these easy tips and activities allow you and your family to get excited for your upcoming Dollywood trip. Be sure to check the Dollywood Insiders blog for up-to-date info. These articles are written by Dollywood-lovers, who share their best tips and tricks to make your experience at the park even better. You might even find a cool Scavenger Hunt to print off before you leave!


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